Elizabeth Comito-Evans, the Managing Director of RegProm Marketing & Promotions has worked in the shopping centre industry for more than twenty years, marketing original ideas, promotions, premiums, point of sale management and in particular themed events.

Elizabeth’s commitment has seen RegProm Marketing grow from a small local event agency to an internationally recognised event specialist, yet still maintains the enviable level of detail that comes from being a boutique specialist.

At RegProm Marketing, we have the experience and energy to help coordinate successful seasonal activities like Christmas, Easter and Holiday programs for children of all ages. These busy times of the year can get very stressful, at RegProm we to aim to alleviate your stress so you can enjoy these times of the year as much as your customers will.

RegProm Marketing has the capability to design style and manage fashion launches for centres in every state of Australia and New Zealand to bring the Wow! factor to every event and create an entertaining and exhilarating fashion experience. Having been involved in Fashion for over 22 years with a commitment to ensuring that the delivery of every one of our fashion events is exacting in its standard, these years of experience in co-ordinating fashion launches can be your success.

We work with a number of celebrities in the food and entertainment world to help promote your fresh food retailers, retail stores and your brand. We also have access to many resources and at RegProm Marketing we pride ourselves on providing the wow factor for your events.

We are the experts in shopping centre events! No matter how simple, complex or unusual your event may be, we can organise it all for you. Some clients come to us with specific ideas they would like us to expand on, while others require us to use our immense creative resources to plan an event that makes their centre stand out from the others. No matter what your requirements, we will organise it for you.

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