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A Busy 6 Weeks!

Table Setting

We have had a busy six weeks here at Regprom from cooking to styling and everything in between.

Celebrity Chefs and Stylists have been on hand to show the customers of Robina, Rhodes and Hyerdome some tasty cuisine and stunning home interior  ideas.

We have set up and cooked up a glorious storm with the likes of Pete Evans, Miguel, Matt Preston, Justine Schofield, Will and Steve and Dominique Risso.

Our celebrity chefs treated some lucky customers to some delightful dishes in our Kitchen and dining set- up at Robina and Hyperdome in Queensland.

Not to mention taken on home styling at Rhodes Waterside with the lovely Shaynna Blaze.

Shaynna Blaze showed Rhodes Waterside just how to take the colours of the season and splash them throughout your home without it looking out of place.

IF you have any enquiries please email us at regprom@regprom.com.au

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