Why Choose Us?

Why us


We are not trying to be all things to everyone. We offer a uniquely specialized service in shopping centre marketing and promotions that aims to strengthen and develop our clients’ markets.


Because we are specialised, we have files, tools and networks that allow us to perform an assignment better, faster and cheaper than clients can on their own. The combined talents of our team give us a solid grounding in the world of shopping centre marketing and promotions, together with a good grasp of the realities of your business, enable us to respond in a fast and imaginative fashion, whilst still being realistic.


Because we concentrate on shopping centre marketing and promotions, our clients are free to operate their ongoing centre business. We become your central marketing department.


Because we are continually involved with shopping centres, both in Australia and overseas, we can bring our clients experiences and creative concepts that can provide a fresh approach to marketing and promotions. Our team has over 40 years of practical hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing and promotions. All team members at RegProm are uniquely qualified in their field… our principals being recognized leaders. Collectively, we have all the skills required to service our clients’ needs. Whilst the list of academic qualifications is impressive, the ‘real world’ hands-on experience is invaluable. Each person has been selected for his or her personal qualities and specialised expertise together we achieve a healthy balance of youth, energy and solid experience. We have been prized with many creative awards that displays our wealth of experience. The mix of individuals, each with specific qualifications and experience, makes us extremely versatile and able to respond quickly and effectively under pressure.

You should use RegProm because…

  • We bring you a fresh approach to marketing and promotional concepts
  • We help you make the right decision in a very tough market
  • We work closely with you as a partner
  • We initiate creative concepts and strategies
  • We create and innovate marketing campaigns
  • We share with you a wealth of diverse marketing and promotional experience
  • We promise positive action, not just weighty document
  • We have a strong track record of successful campaigns, innovations and satisfied clients.
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